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Novus Karma

Jose lived a normal life until he met this girl, Maria, who was mysteriously targeted by unknown individuals. He got himself involved and was eventually killed by her pursuers. This event led to the awakening of Jose's hidden abilities that brought him back to life; which unknown to him, is an unimaginable power that runs in his blood. He had been carrying in him the strength of one of the strongest Archangels who was foretold in the Prophecy of the Karmanics to be the savior of mankind...(published on ----------------------- Full chapter updates monthly only on See you all there! :D


Novus Karma now on Facebook!

Novus Karma now got a Page on Facebook!
It's now one click away from the link box provided below the comments!

Please like it and spread the word!

Thanks very much! ^-^

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Novus Karma

Hello everybody! I'm new here on Smackjeeves!
Hope everything would went well...and I wish to have a good stay here.
If you want more updates and chapters of Novus Karma
and want to read the exact monthly release? click- Here

Want to get'n touch with me? you can reach me -Here

I will be releasing here on SJ everyweek as well.


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